Zombie Prom

Dear Farm Journal,
So, this may be a bit controversial, but I’m going to journal it anyway. Rufus and I met up with some friends for a Zombie Prom Halloween party today. We met some new people and found ourselves in the company of a big ag writer/influencer. Now, we were at a friend’s house, I had never met this person, and I found myself not wanting to rock the boat on a Saturday night when we were all going out together. However, when she started applauding the technology used at CAFOs, commending everything Rufus and I are against agriculturally, and dismissing small farmers, it was increasingly difficult to bite my tongue, but I did. Rufus and I gave each other wide-eyed glances across the table, with a look of someone who is about to shit themselves on our faces. I knew if I tore into these subjects with her, I would have lost my cool. Good thing I was drinking wine instead of whiskey. I feel a bit ashamed of not at least saying my peace with educated poise, but how do you talk to someone who has such a vastly different view of farming? Also, how do we take each other seriously, fully dressed as zombies on prom night? Dead!

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