A Visit to Talliesin

Dear Farm Journal,
This evening, Rufus and I were invited to Talliesin in Spring Green. They were holding a graduation dinner at the River Cafe for a food immersion program on site. The graduates prepared a meal for all of the alliances, including the farmers who grew the ingredients they worked with this year. It was such an incredible feeling to mingle with fellow farmers and fans of food. As we made our way around the room, it felt rare and special to experience such genuine appreciation for what we do. The spread was incredible. I fell in love with their fresh lavender lemonade, and the speakers made my heart melt. With each word, I found our hearts beat to the same tempo; the tempo of love for food done well, the momentous culture of food that brings us together, and the aligning rhythm of a concurring view. What a juxtaposition to yesterday.

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