Dear Farm Journal,

Today was another day of checking the greenhouses for signs of spring thaw in vain. The doors on G1 were frozen to the ground again and once we chipped our way in, we found the soil to be frozen solid as well. G4 was a bit better, but since Sunday is supposed to be -17 degrees, we decided to hold off on planting for a little while longer. At this point, Rufus and I are both chomping at the bit to get planting, but we have to abide by what Mother Nature puts in front of us, and right now that is ice and snow, but the light is returning slowly but surely and we will be up to our knees in weeds before we know it. Until then we make every preparation we can so that when Mother Nature gives us the green light, we will be ready. Tools, check, planting string, check, hoops and row covers, check, black plastic, check, seeds, check, heaters, check, 2 super impatient farmers…double check.


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