Dear Farm Journal,

Since almost everything on the farm is “on hold”, Rufus and I decided to head to the Kickapoo Valley Reserve this afternoon to try out some cross country skiing. It is pretty amazing to have such a beautiful place to recreate so close to the farm. KVR has definitely been a favorite destination for the last couple years. In the summertime, we kayak the river at least a couple times a week. In the winter, we enjoy their hiking trails, ice caves, and now cross country skiing. The skis were donated, so people can borrow them for free. As farmers, free outdoor recreation is right up our alley. It was such a beautiful sunny day and so heartwarming to see the familiar smiling faces of fellow valley folks. This was only my second time on cross country skis and I felt pretty awkward at first, but before long I got into a rhythm and was gliding along with ease, and I only fell down once.


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