Dear Farm Journal,
As the number of outside tasks are curtailed by cold weather and fewer crops to care for, I begin to turn my attention to indoor undertakings which have been diligently ignored during the busy growing season. Today my charge is to tackle our pantry. A farm pantry can become quite a curious corner of the kitchen in a state of avoidance. Unlabeled mystery contents sit high on a shelf from god only knows when. Empty mason jars of all shapes and sizes crowd the majority of the space. Spider webs and empty mouse traps inhabit the scarier crannies. I even stumble upon unopened Christmas presents from last year. I roll up my sleeves and get to work. When I finish, I marvel at how little space was needed compared to what was taken up. Purging and reorganizing is such a satisfying sensation. I take down the curtain that had been hiding this previously hideous area, and instead find myself standing in front of the pantry, refreshed by the neatness. Next, it’s time to add some canned venison to the shelves. Someone has to get a deer first though!

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