Dear Farm Journal,
Fridays have changed so much for us since taking on second jobs. I go off to the Kickapoo Valley Reserve for Forest Kindergarten in the morning, and by the time I get home, we have a short time together before Rufus heads out to Driftless Cafe. In the past we would spend every Friday evening with the Kickapoo Valley Croquet Club, a past time that was fairly established as a given, usually without question. Now, I can’t quite remember the last time we both attended. This Friday, I decide to stay in and work on more food preservation; cauliflower and winter squash. I bake, blanch, chop, puree, and package. Once again, I turn the kitchen upside down, in what is becoming a familiar rhythm of function. Each time I add another item to the freezer, I stand before the open ice chest, surveying my cache like a dragon laying content upon her treasure, knowing we will eat well this winter.

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