Dear Farm Journal,
This week we embark on the journey of the 6 week Winter CSA share. Although the number of boxes to pack are less, the stability of the produce supply is in constant question. If temperatures drop too low in the greenhouses, entire crops may be lost. We put on multiple layers of row covers and pull them off when the sun peeks out, but sometimes it’s just not enough. When we have a cold night, we cringe a little over morning coffee, wondering if the salad mix or chard made it through the frosty hit. In the next few days, we will have to move the wood stove into the pack shed and keep a fire going so the storage items don’t freeze. For the rest of the season, the cooler will become obsolete. Keeping things cold is no longer the problem. It is a much different dance with Mother Nature during the winter share. May She be kind to us.

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