Dear Farm Journal,
I love going on adventures and coming back to the farm; sleeping in our own bed, walking the property, greeting the dogs, and even getting back to work. The piece of the farm I missed most on this trip, however, was the vegetables. When I go out into the world, I realize how fortunate we are to eat the way we do and how spoiled I really am. Rufus and I lament about how we end up getting sucked into the lure of shitty gas station food while we are on the road. We kick ourselves because we know better and we always feel terrible afterwards. As Rufus and I harvest and pack the first week of the winter CSA today, I plan dinner; twice baked stuffed delicata squash, filled with garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and rice, topped with diced apples and grass fed raw cheddar, a dish of brussels sprouts tossed in olive oil and salt, baked to a light crisp, cheesy cauliflower bake, and a spinach salad with beauty heart radishes, carrots, apples, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and homemade dressing. I spend a few warming hours surrounded by the fall foods I love, filling the kitchen with blissful aromas. Eating out just can’t compare. We close our eyes and savor the flavors of home that bring us back to full capacity.

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