Dear Farm Journal,
At the peak of the midday heat, Rufus, Sandi, and I take a much needed intermission in the shade. We relax our muscles and flex our ingenuity, coming together around Sandi’s learning plan. She has come to Keewaydin through a program called Take Root by Angelic Organics Learning Center, which connects aspiring farmers to paid employment and training on established farms. We discuss her farming goals, future partnerships, business plans, organic certification, farm finances, and all of the messy bits in between. I feel a tremendous amount of pride and hope watching the two of them scheming around her field maps, and the energy is palpable. When we return to planting, I can see her brain is set ablaze from the sparks of prospect and risk, and all I can do is grin and hope the universe sends us more Sandis to share our passion with.

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