Dear Farm Journal,
Trying to balance my second job, with Plovgh, against the unwieldy density of farming inevitably leaves the scales tipped, especially when I’m working from home. Last week we began meeting at Lizzy’s place on Thursdays, and I’m finding perhaps I do actually need to leave the premises to truly alter my head space. The farm, even in her full glory, is an all consuming, ever demanding glutton, and her hungry eyes are unavoidable. Be that as it may, I crave the creative autonomy, systematic solution seeking, and big picture brainstorming sessions that ignite when Lizzy and I work on designing agricultural projects. Today we’re working on a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant for edible dry beans, distributing seed to farmers throughout the state. We’re trialing three varieties (Eclipse, Jacob’s Cattle, and Calypso) to find which varieties perform best in Wisconsin. We’ll be planting a little research plot here at Keewaydin, and I’m excited to learn about this diet staple, shelf stable crop!

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