Dear Farm Journal,
As we wrap up our Spring CSA share, I reflect on the last six weeks of farming. In the past, the season’s end has been punctuated by some sort of weary declaration like, “Oh my god, I can’t believe we actually made it. Thank god we have two weeks off before the summer share begins.” Today I said, “Is it week 6 already? Wow, that went really fast!” Rufus and I both search our short term memory, but can’t come up with any traumatic Tuesday flashbacks. We recognize the investments we’ve made have transformed our temperament Bringing employees on board, purchasing clean compost, and using our trusty new greens harvester have been absolutely game changing. And as the heat rises in the hoop houses, I recognize the cooler temperatures have also played a large part in my refreshed outlook. For the first time this season, I start to overheat, and all the added burden of rising temperatures fall heavily on my temperament. Now that summer has finally arrived, she will truly test my mettle.

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