Dear Farm Journal,
The highlight of my day shined into the grey afternoon sky when Rufus, Sandi, my brother, and I came together to pack asparagus for a food drive in Minneapolis. John has connected with the Seward Franklin Area Relief organized by Shega Foods and will be returning to volunteer tomorrow morning. The farm is flush with asparagus right now, and we’ve been eager to send our support, so we packed 120 lbs to donate. John said, there‚Äôs not much fresh produce at the food drives and he’s excited to share our harvest with the community. Although we had worked a long day, I was genuinely re-energized by our combined passion to do our small part. My heart both breaks from dismay and bursts with hope, beating to the battles of hate and love waging in our cities. I want to do more, but today we begin with sending our love from the countryside.

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