Dear Farm Journal,

At pivotal moments, the human spirit releases bursts of energy to carry us through, like when you can strategically focus your mental energy for final exams, or dig deeper into your physical energy to sprint across the finish line. When the light at the end of the tunnel starts to grow significantly larger and brighter, we find it in ourselves to reach it. This is how I feel going into the last week of the summer CSA. I’m reenergized by the coming conclusion of the most challenging chunk of the growing season. While Rufus is away, I go about harvesting 300 lbs of produce with renewed vigor. My body, even my feet, feel remarkably refreshed and my mind and emotions are filled with the sensation I experience when I’m cruising down a hill on my bike, no pedaling, cool wind blowing my pony tail straight back, just letting gravity take me on down. The power and stamina are present, I just have to carry out the steps.



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