Dear Farm Journal,

Today was another happy Sunday filled with a farm fresh frittata and a float. I eased into a leisurely pace, gathering ingredients; eggs, garlic, onions, peppers, carrots, green beans, potatoes, broccoli, summer squash, and tomatoes. The smells combine in an intoxicating aroma around me. When Rufus comes down from the office, he declares his usual morning statement, “It smells good down here!” We enjoy a quiet brunch, gazing out the window into a beautiful day. We accomplish a few random tasks around the farm; Rufus catches up on paperwork, and I trim garlic and cut potatoes for seeding. Before long, Rufus announces that he is loading the boats. It’s time to hit the river and relax for awhile. We meet our friends and take our sweet time, stopping at beaches and doing very little paddling. Time slips away from us as the cool current flows between our toes, dangling from the sides of our kayaks. We lose all track of tasks and timing, taking in the bright sunshine. By the time we return to the farm, the day is nearly done. We reheat the remainder of our frittata in the oven and curl up on the couch with the fan pushing a man made breeze in our direction. We fall asleep leaning against each other to a movie and eventually carry ourselves up to bed. I love lazy Sundays. 



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