Dear Farm Journal,

Today marks the last pack out of the summer CSA. We did it; planted, cared for, harvested, packed and delivered close to 100 CSA boxes for families in our area over the last eight weeks, as well as our wholesale orders. With each season, Rufus and I learn how to work together, communicate, and bring our unique talents to the table with increasing ease. When you work with and spend so much time with one other person, you sort of start to read them like you can read a river. You begin to know what the ripples, the bends, and the shadows beneath the surface all mean, and you know how to lean and paddle accordingly. I know both of us are thankful for our complementary relationship, as well as having this upcoming two week break between CSA seasons. Now it’s time to get ready for my favorite two events of the summer, People Fest and our annual trip to the Boundary Waters. What an amazing reward for all of our hard work.



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