Dear Farm Journal,

I was up earlier today than most days, not to work, but to get ready to play. Today is a river day, and as much as I know we have lots to do and the tomatoes aren’t going to trellis themselves, the Kickapoo calls. I rise before 6:00 am to harvest, chop, and mix up some salads for our cookout afterwards. By 8:30 am, I can no longer let Rufus sleep, so I crash into the bed and tell him to get up! We still need to harvest 2 CSA boxes before we are totally free to hit the river. We run around from garden to field to greenhouse and pretty quickly, the job is done. We meet up with our friends and after the usual jostling of boats and gear, we slide our kayaks into the cool waters of the Kickapoo. The weather was perfect for all but a short stint of rain, for which, Rufus and I took cover under a bridge and took in the particular beauty of rain on the river. The rain passes and we drag our boats into the van and back to the farm where we enjoy an evening of great company, delicious food, a warm fire, and chasing fireflies. This is what summer…well at least river days, are all about. Pure Joy. 



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