Dear Farm Journal,

Isn’t it thought provoking that we often blame the demise of the things we loved on the things we already hated? For a garden example, in greenhouse 4, we had white egg turnips planted next to toma verde and purple tomatillos. I love most vegetables, but I hate white egg turnips, the smell, the taste, and this year, the disappointing harvest. The bulbs did not grow to the appropriate size and the tops grew like crazy. Yesterday I pulled both the turnip and the tomatillo bed. The turnips time had come, but the tomatillos’ life was cut short. I believe the greedy, water blocking turnips murdered the tomatillos and I don’t know if I will ever forgive them. This was my first planting of tomatillos, and I was really excited. My hopes for them were dashed against a stinky pile of rotten turnip greens. I vote that we take turnips out of our repertoire. 



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