Dear Farm Journal,

The art of “hanging in there” takes a while to get the hang of, and in my 2 years at the farm, I still don’t quite have it down, but I’m working on it. I’ve found it starts with combating a bad attitude. Defeatism, victimism, cynicism, pessimism and all negative outlooks must go. When your perspective is shitty, odds are, your day will be too. Second, don’t look too far into the future because…well because it’s scary. I’m never really sure what is going to happen within 24 hours, so I don’t have any business worrying about what might happen 2 weeks or 2 months from now. It’s just not worth the trouble, just focus on today and stay flexible. Third, talk to someone who shares the struggle. Rufus is always good for a rallying pep talk. Fourth, strive to find beauty in simple things; a good meal, a perfect breeze, or the ever present mercy that eventually the sun will go down and the day will be over. Finally, and possibly most importantly, humor may be the key to hanging in there. A handful of good belly laughs can get you through the day, and being able to laugh at the ridiculousness of farming is absolutely necessary. A thick sense of sarcasm can go a long way. So here we go, week 2 pack out of the summer CSA, and I’m hanging in there.     



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