Dear Farm Journal,

Today is the last day of People Fest and I both, don’t want it to end, and need it to end. I don’t want it to end because I have never witnessed this much musical talent and beautiful people together in one place at one time. I have been continuously amazed with the line up, not one single act has disappointed and I have met more lovely people in the last three days than any other time of the year. I also need the festival to come to its natural bittersweet end because my body and brain need to return to some sort of normalcy and the farm needs no more neglect. I make another brief visit to the farm to make a veggie tray and kale salad. I’m thankful that my dad and Rufus give me a hand, as some of my motor skills seem to be declining from lack of sleep. By the third day, I feel pretty natural emceeing on stage and the positive energy which has been building throughout the festival, carries us through to the last act.



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