Dear Farm Journal,

It is day two of the festival, and the one I have personally looked forward to the most because People Brothers Band is playing tonight. I saw them for the first time during People Fest last year, and they have majorly shifted the music I listen to since then, mostly because I primarily listen to them. When I hear something I love, I really fall for it, listening to their CDs in the car everyday, playing their videos on YouTube, and learning every lyric verbatim. With little flutters of PBB melody in my heart, I got back to the farm to prepare big batches of coleslaw and caprese salad. I have to make sure these bands get their proper veggie intake so they can play with peak energy. When I bring the final band off stage before the People Brother Band show, the crowd is tingling with excitement and I start my wind up chant, “PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND TONIGHT, ME, FRONT ROW, BOBBY G, MAMMA T!!!” The crowd chants along in rhythm with me and cheers loudly as they head to the main stage.”I’LL SEE YOU ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!”. Anyone who knows me, knows where to find me, front and center, beating the bottoms off my feet.



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