Dear Farm Journal,
It’s opening morning and the guys are in the woods, peppered across the property, waiting patiently poised for their prospects to come prancing by. I suspect at least one or two of them are asleep, slumbering in the peaceful quiet of the trees. Balio and Jodi both wear orange gators around their necks to identify them as “non-deer”. Balio seems pretty agitated with the fact that he has to be tied up because he knows damn well there is something serious going on out there on his turf. I walk him around less than usual and he has to be either in the house or tied up until after last light. At night he goes free range, as he is in full nocturnal guard dog mode by then, ready to get his bark on beneath our bedroom window. I’m pretty sure he is fully committed to being on the deer recovery team this season, ready to follow a blood trail and voraciously accept his portion in return.

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