Dear Farm Journal,
Everyday at Keewaydin is about food, but Sundays are especially serendipitous for a special meal. When the Packers play, I love whipping up homemade pizzas, and today was no exception. Our diet has been pretty venison heavy over the last week, so I went with two of my favorite vegetarian pizzas; garlic, onion, pepper, and apple brie. The apple brie is a recipe I discovered last winter which has a caramelized onion sauce, slices of green and red apples, and chunks of brie cheese, a stunning flavor combination, and a nice change of pace from the usual pizza ingredients. Rufus and I are joined by family; Papa Rich, Charna, Mother Mary, and Aurora. We arch over plates of steaming slices and tip our heads back with cool swishes of beer (minus Aurora), shouting brusquely at failed plays and bad calls, coming together once again over a shared love of pizza and animosity toward an opponent. Even when we lose, we never go home hungry.

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