Dear Farm Journal,

It is not uncommon for Rufus and I to host friends from out of town at Keewaydin. It is less common, however, that these visitors want to help out around the farm, but today we were fortunate to have two friends who genuinely offered to give us a hand. When people offer to help, Rufus and I begin brainstorming about which project we should launch; nothing too arduous that would scare them away, but not as boring as weeding either. Today we decided to head out to a back field to clean up some old fencing debris, a pile folks have been mowing around for years. There are a number of these forgotten piles around the farmstead, unsightly memorials to past hurriedness. We methodically work through them one by one, usually in the winter, chipping away at generational accumulation. It always feels good to clear the debris, making space for new beginnings, and many hands make light work, especially when you are so accustomed to four hands. 



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