Dear Farm Journal,

This afternoon, I consider how the demanding chores leading up to a delivery transfigure into the rewarding smiles and gratitude from our food community, who has become more than a group of customers. They are comprised of our families, friends, neighbors, partners, and long time loyal supporters. When I walk in the backdoor of Rooted Spoon, I am greeted with bright eyes, beaming grins, happy chitchat, and sincere remarks regarding the particular beauty of a berry or bulb. While I unload boxes at the Driftless Cafe, there is always a friendly face to greet and thank me. The employees at Viroqua Food Co-op are enthusiastic when their order arrives and are quick to be helpful with a cart or carrying boxes. After the Viroqua deliveries, I cruise to Westby to deliver my sister’s CSA, where I catch up during a carefree visit, soaking up the moments I get to spend with my baby nephew, the cute little catalyst who brought us closer through this weekly food relationship. Later in the afternoon, I visit our neighbors with a couple boxes of veggies, a token of gratitude for the sweet haul of shiitake mushrooms they were so generous to give us. We laugh and tell stories while the box is unpacked. These are only a fraction of the beautiful moments, tiny blips in time. Today I envisage that I must cherish each one of these occasions, however brief or fleeting, because they constitute the body of social food. Food is social, it should bring us together in love, appreciation, and community. 



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