Dear Farm Journal,

As Rufus and I launch into the first week of our fall CSA, I do not feel anywhere near the same pressure or down right anxiety that I felt going into the spring or summer season. Perhaps it is because we are packing less boxes, or the weeds have slowed with the waning of daylight, or the quieter atmosphere due to the migration of our songbird population, or the cooler weather. It is conceivably due to the tempering of my perspective having weathered the more challenging half of my first full time season. Whatever the reason may be, I feel light and cheerful on a Tuesday, a day Rufus and I jokingly deemed, “Tick me off Tuesday” because the strain of the day made me a little “testy”. In contrast today, Rufus and I are more kind, loving, and helpful, soaring on elevated moods, still reveling in the feeling of coming home, an emotion heightened by returning to a life and livelihood you love.


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