Dear Farm Journal,
This morning I pull a light teal stocking cap from the bottom of my top drawer, an item that has not seen daylight since late last winter. It immediately reminds me of making kimchi. As my memory floats back to a photo of me holding our first jars of kimchi, the remembrance of the tangy flavor makes my mouth water. In my mind I scan the produce items in the pack shed; cabbage, beauty heart radish, onion, carrots. Yes, we have all of the ingredients. I mention my idea to Rufus and he digs through the spice cupboard. To our delight, he pulls out a partial container of Korean pepper flakes. It’s on. Rufus heads out to work and I begin in the kitchen, chopping and shredding. My only issue with kimchi, especially the first batch, is that it doesn’t stand much of a chance of making it to full fermentation. I can’t quite resist, “taste testing” until suddenly I am at the bottom of the jar. Hopefully at least one of the jars will last two weeks.

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