Dear Farm Journal,

So, Rufus and I have come to the point that we not only need to get an “off farm job” (a complicated term in itself, for another day), but we also found one that aligns with our goals. I have said it before, that it’s tough for us to think about “domesticated employment” coming from the farming lifestyle, but this opportunity to work with other farmers may be a good fit for us. I spent a good portion of the day putting together all the properly formatted documentation. I have always found resumes, cover letters, and reference lists to be a fragmented representation of a human being. As much as I love to write, it is challenging to put a person on paper, especially a farmer. I spent countless hours jumping through all the hoops of applying for over 30 different positions this winter when I finished my degree. However, most jobs out there don’t appeal to me enough to quit farming. I’ve never thought about my education as just a highway to a high salary. I learned the deeper wisdom of philosophy, poetics, literature, liberal arts, and social justice, which our late capitalist economy has little use for, and I love to farm. So, I feel like a bit of a pariah in the current job market. Certainly, I could sell out and work the corporate world for a life with a higher price tag, but, I would rather work toward a cause I believe in. 



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