Dear Farm Journal,

My barefoot ways have caught up with me, and I reluctantly must make a change…at least until they heal up a little. My feet just have a fondness for being naked, and freshly cut grass and soft soil just feel so lovely. However, my frequent brisk jaunts across gravel, concrete, thistles, rocks, and whatever else is in my path, have left these hard working feet bruised and battered. The cracks in my heels and edges of my toes are getting deeper and more raw. The muscles and tendons are sore from walking strangely over sharp objects. Rufus and I joke that I have more of a hoof than a foot, and the other day, I “pulled a hoof string”, a sharp muscle/tendon pain in the bottom of my hoof/foot. My dad saw the bottom of my foot today and said, “That looks like it hurts. You might want to think about wearing some shoes”. “What are you wearing now?…nothing, see!” Thankfully, one of my long time good friends and fellow barefooter, gave me a pair of flip flops yesterday, so I’m gonna be rocking those while I recover. It’s not a shoe, but it’s close enough, and I really don’t want to wear shoes anyway. 



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