Dear Farm Journal,

Well, hello farmhouse, hello farm, hello mess, hello weeds, and hello needs. It is time for these two farmers to get back to work! We have a lot to get done before we leave for the Boundary Waters in four days. First of all, I have to put this house back together so I can think straight again. My brain feels like a jumbled mess in this much domestic disarray. I sweep across the house, restoring order, putting everything back in its place, especially the kitchen. A clean kitchen always helps me press refresh. In the afternoon, Rufus and I decide to tackle the garden tasks as a team. We have been so busy working on separate tasks that I miss working side by side. We harvest and trellis tomatoes and hang the mesh to trellis the slicing cucumbers in greenhouse 1, which has started to look a bit like a jungle since we last put much work into it. The slicing tomato plants grew so heavy that they snapped the tie wire across the top of the greenhouse, so that needed to be addressed. We slowly but surely get it looking better, but tomorrow will be a full day of gardening. We have lots of fall plantings to get in the ground. We never really stop racing against time, but it feels good to get back to our beautiful grind on the ridge.



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