8/13/2019 – 8/16/2019

The Boundary Waters Episodes |

Dear Farm Journal,

I am filled with a mix of excitement and dread as time speeds towards our Boundary Waters departure. I feel there is just too much to be done for the two of us. I reach out to a few folks for an extra hand, but last minute farm help is hard to find. Rufus and I push through long days to get what we can pulled, planted, weeded, and picked. For a few hours on Wednesday, I stubbornly declared that I was staying back from the trip to take care of the farm. We didn’t have farm sitting totally lined up and we were way behind. By Wednesday night, I came back around and started the packing process. The end of the week was kind of a blur of vegetables and camp gear, and Friday was an incredibly long day of driving with three eager teenage girls all the way up to Ely, Minnesota. When we finally pulled into the PackSack Friday night, I breathed a deep sigh of relief. Somehow, we did it. We made it. After an awesome walleye sandwich and double IPA at the Boathouse, I was ready to lay down and dream about fishing.



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