Dear Farm Journal,
The start of the Spring CSA is less than a week away, and Rufus and I tick through a myriad of mental checklists. We email members and hustle to get the pack shed back in order. I do a “Capricorn organize” on our packaging, and give everything a proper place according to workflow efficiency. The washing area and roller tables are in assembly, and I can finally see Rufus’s vision for the new layout coming together. Later in the afternoon, I take a drive to pick up masks from my cousin, another key tool to have in place for this season’s CSA. I grin from ear to ear when I see her friendly face smiling back through the window. I sit on her porch and chat with her “bank teller style” while my bare feet glaciate against the cement. It’s tough to say goodbye without a hug, and I shed a few tears for this uncanny new reality as I drive back into the countryside. Back at the farm, Rufus rekindles my happy glow, digging up perennial root balls and filling my new flower garden with peonies, irises, and bleeding hearts, stopping the bleeding in my own heart with a sweet gesture after a long day.

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