Dear Farm Journal,
Selecting the appropriate apparel for a spring workday on the farm requires at least 2 to 3 layers. The pack shed was like an icebox, the chilled cement encasing us like one large cooler. The greenhouse temperature read 103 degrees as the filmy plastic efficiently transformed light to heat. The open air whipped with a crisp touch that brushed relief coming from the heat but licked with a sting after a chill had set in. Rufus and I checked and reconnected the waterline to the barn and greenhouses, which is a sure bet we’ll get wet. Rufus had water running down his shirt sleeves as he worked on a line overhead, and I turned a valve that blasted a surge of water soaking through my Carhartts. It felt pretty refreshing in the greenhouse, but we both headed in for another outfit before we finished the day.

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