Dear Farm Journal,

It is absolutely astounding how fishing can change from one day to the next. Yesterday we got skunked and today we caught our limit, 15 smallmouth bass. Our 5 best fish weighed 27.5 lbs. I caught the two biggest fish, a 6 lber and a 5.75 lber. And can I just say, “It’s good to be king” as Tom Petty would say. It is also pretty hilarious to me that I am, by far, the worst fisherman on the boat. I am totally willing to admit that. The fact that I caught those fish, rather than the guys was just dumb luck. To be fair, Ben was the leader of the trip, brought the gear and bait, taught me how to fish for smallmouth, and put me right on top of them. So he gets a good amount of credit. However, as I understand fishing rules, I caught it, so, I get to brag about it. What a hog! To my credit, I didn’t “horse him” in either. I stayed mostly calm until the moment I yelled, “Get the %$#@*& NET!” Sweet, Sweet, Victory.


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