Dear Farm Journal,

This is the time of year when everything picks up speed, the orders, the weeds, the planting, and the pressure builds. Today Rufus and I met during office time to discuss our planting plan, which we are behind on. I feel like by spending the sunny morning in the office, we are getting even more behind. We go back and forth proposing solutions to make up for our lack of compost, seed, plastic, space, time, and money. Everything gets spread thin and I feel overwhelmed by the never ending to do list that never quite gets checked off. I find myself running from task to task instead of walking because I’m in a hurry to try to get things done. It is daunting to think about two people growing food for hundreds of people. Projects are left unfinished. The weeds start to get out of control. Plants need to get in the ground, and almost everyday, there is a harvest and a delivery that needs to be made. I love the work that I do, however, my Capricorn personality does not love the feeling of falling further and further behind. Rufus, a Cancer, is much better at going with the flow and making the slow and steady march of progress on the treadmill of time that constantly pushes us backwards. He is always there with a word of encouragement or comfort that comes from a more sunny perspective than mine. He reminds me to look around at all the progress we have made and that this is just how vegetable farming is, especially in May. I try to come around to view the momentum of our journey in a brighter light. All we can do is the task at hand and keep making improvements.


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