Dear Farm Journal,

Everyday I feel different, and if someone were to read this journal, they may interpret these writings as erratic, dramatic, wavering, or contradictory, but the truth is, I am new to farming, and this lifestyle and livelihood continue to toss me about. In the course of 24 hours, I can cycle between bliss and acrimony more times than I would like to admit, and as ludacris as that may seem, I feel I will always prefer the emotional tumbling over monotony. Today was an idyllic harvest day. Rufus and I were completely in synch and on beat with a soulful rhythm. We agreed on every task, priority, and suggestion. There was complete musical harmony accompanied by the full-voiced song birds and the cool sunny breeze. Our CSA box looked and smelled absolutely luscious. We worked until dark and only stopped for one meal, propelled forward by a unique combination of love, passion, and deadline. I shake my head at my own juxtaposition against yesterday.


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