Dear Farm Journal,

What a lovely Sunday! I love this slower pace after a long week. We take our time in the morning as I feed the chickens and wander from garden to greenhouse collecting ingredients for a farm frittata; eggs, garlic, sweet onions, cauliflower, zucchini, red slicer tomatoes, yellow cherry tomatoes, and a side of kohlrabi and kosher salt. I listen to The People Brothers Band as I chop, saute, shred, and bake. The fragrance of farm fresh food slowly wafts across the downstairs. We feast as a family on a picnic table in the shade, and I take a deep breath of gratitude for having this beautiful meal at my fingertips. After breakfast, Rufus puts in some time trellising tomatoes and I catch up on some house chores. Before long, it is time to meet our friends on the river for a birthday float. Typical farmer guilt hangs over our heads for taking more time off, but we load the boats anyway and take a nice long float down the river. The weather was perfect for drifting and dipping along down the stream, and once again the waters of the Kickapoo help us swim our cares away, refreshed to farm another day.  



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