Dear Farm Journal,
Today Elaina asked us why we hadn’t gotten more into permaculture on the farm. On one hand, I felt delighted by her curiosity. On the other hand, I wished we had more permaculture here, myself, as well as a better answer for why we don’t. We talked about our asparagus, hazelnuts, rhubarb, raspberries, and fruit trees, as well as the large upfront investment and long awaited return, the passing years of crop establishment before the first harvest. Elaina said that if she had land, she would want to get some permaculture in right away, and I grin from ear to ear, nodding in agreement. She gets it. I’d love to design a full on food forest, an edible permaculture wonderland, and we’ll start today with two apple trees we adopted from a friend. Toby Hemenway, author and educator who wrote extensively on permaculture and ecological issues said, “Permaculture gives us a toolkit for moving from a culture of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance”. Let’s plant more love and abundance!

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