Dear Farm Journal,
We pulled in a heap of a garlic crop today, but that was not the most exciting moment of the farm day…not by a long shot. Later in the evening, I got a call from Elaina, nervously explaining that there was a snake in the cabin and her and Georgia were standing up on chairs! Rufus and I rushed down to find them crouched on the counter top. They explained that when they opened up the top of the propane stove to light the pilots, a huge snake was inside! Georgia slammed down the top, crimping the snake mid escape. Elaina, feeling bad for the snake, opened the top back up, releasing him somewhere behind the stove. Rufus and I were both thinking it was probably just a little garter snake, but when they showed us the video…(holy shit). They were not kidding. It was the biggest snake I’ve ever seen in the wild, if you can call the cabin “the wild”, which at this point, I think it qualifies. It seems we’ve traded our mouse problem for a snake problem. With all nervous systems queued up to the fight or flight response, we gingerly pulled the stove away from the wall. To our relief, we found the snake/mouse access point, the opening around the propane line. We stopped up the hole and tried to put the girls’ minds at ease, but I have a feeling they might have trouble falling asleep tonight.

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