Dear Farm Journal,
Rufus was off to deliver CSAs to Madison today while I worked a “double hat” day, a phenomenon born of my “off-farm job” with Plovgh Inc. which rarely occurs off the farm. Working from home is one thing, but working from farm is another. As earnestly as I strive to work through my Plovgh to-do list, the farm is ever in the forefront. I feel remiss having Elaina work on her own so soon, but she had the most lovely attitude and worked diligently at the tasks I assigned her. Weeding and watering were her charge, the two farming constants, and she exceeded my expectations, especially considering how hot it was. I would scamper down from the office every hour or so to check in with her, make sure she was drinking enough water, taking breaks from the heat, and feeling like she had enough support. She was a champ, dragging hoses every half an hour to irrigate all four greenhouses, and pulling weeds in an overgrown pathway. When I came out to check on her, she had mud from head to toe. “Who knew watering would be the dirtiest job?”, she said. “I know! It seems like it should be one of the cleanest, right!” I’m delighted by her zeal and feel so fortunate that she found us.

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