Dear Farm Journal,
When I returned from my Plovgh meeting, Rufus, Sandi, and Elaina were all glistening and rosy cheeked, planting herbs in Field E. I had picked up a new sprinkler because our other one got run over by a tractor tire. I hollered over to the team that we could set up the sprinkler on the beds that needed it most, which at this point, seemed like all of them. Sandi conceded that she was ready to set the sprinkler up for ourselves so we could, “run through it like toddlers” and asked optimistically if I had picked up popsicles. I hadn’t, but wished I had. They all looked like they could use a popsicle. After planting, we retreated to the pack shed, where Rufus laid down on the cool cement and called the day an hour early. That’s a wrap.

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