Dear Farm Journal,
There comes a time when one must put her gratitude into action, so today we took our farm crew out to float the Kickapoo River when we finished the CSA pack out early. Rufus and I have been wanting to honor all the hard work everyone has been putting in, and the afternoon heat presented the perfect opportunity for us to steal away to the refreshing riverbanks. We loaded up 2 canoes and 2 kayaks and our caravan set out for Ontario. It was Elaina’s first float on the Kickapoo and Sandi, Sheri, and John hadn’t floated that section for years. We were all in awe of the natural beauty that enveloped us. We even saw a large barred owl along the way, which captivated the entire crew (except for Rufus who somehow couldn’t see it). It was an afternoon none of us will soon forget, and one I hope conjoins us to this land in love.

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