Somehow, after all that chicken tragedy, I got talked into another day on the water. Let me tell you what, we made sure that chicken door was good and latched, triple checked, OCD style. Then, still feeling a little apprehensive, we went on our first float of the year together, slipping into our old standby, Bridges 7 to 10. It was my first time tubing the Kickapoo and I had mixed feelings about this lackadaisical mode of water travel. I think I prefer the control that accompanies wielding a paddle. It comes in handy when you’re heading to get sucked under a downed tree, but it was nice to be partially submerged in the cool water. Let’s just say my shins haven’t seen that much sun in awhile and Rufus’s new nickname of the week for me is “Hot Shins”. When we got off the water, we went to visit some friends who gifted us their old beehive boxes along with some books on beekeeping. I’m not quite ready to go out and get bees, but I’m thankful for the materials so I can learn more this winter. Then, we went over to my cousin’s house in search of chives and came home with an entire car full of dug up chives and other perennial plants for our expanding flower gardens. It was a pretty big score for a Sunday drive.

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