Dear Farm Journal,
Greenhouse 4 seems to be a bit of a bird magnet. This afternoon, I found a young male rose-breasted grosbeak frantically fluttering from end to end. It was sweltering inside the greenhouse and the young bird’s struggle was hard to watch. Rufus and Sandi grabbed rakes and I took up a watering hose. The three of us worked as a team to wrangle our weary feathered friend to an end wall where Rufus gently cupped his hands around two overwrought wings. As he stepped outside to free the fledgling, however, the grosbeak clenched down on Rufus’s finger. “AAAHHH!”… and just like that, he took flight over the field. Rufus looked down at his hand. “I’ve never been bitten by a bird before. He definitely still had some fight left in him”.

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