In the wake of our first summer pack out, I ruminate on the burgeoning aptitude of our team. Today we engaged the momentous energy of “sibling teams”. Sandi and her sister are quite the pair, keeping pace like they’ve been here all along and John and I make up the second dynamic duo, anticipating each other’s next move. The four of us “leap frogged” each other during the asparagus harvest, and had it picked in 25 minutes, a record time. When Rufus and my dad jumped in to give us a hand, we hit another burst of acceleration. By 3:00 PM, all 205 shares were palletized and in the cooler. We had time and labor left over to build and plant beds, take soil samples, squish potato bugs, and a handful of other odd jobs. My brain whirls with daydreams of further development because I’m starting to get a taste for what we can really accomplish together, and again I’m emitting shining beams of gratefulness.

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