Dear Farm Journal,
In the still solitude of winter, during my furlough from the farm journal, I have indeed reflected, written, discovered, and rediscovered my place on this planet as never before. Our interconnection with Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants becomes more clear to me everyday. Plants and people are certainly made for each other, and the sun, which gives us all life and energy is returning. The warming sunbeams loosen the soil in the greenhouses and liquefy the sap deep in the sugar maples. We are planting seeds and tapping trees, the pure joys of early spring. I am fresh from the MOSES Organic Farming Conference, which has my brain and bones burning with the passions I have for stewarding the land, growing food, opening minds to the beauty and kindness of this lifestyle, and changing a food system which supports just the opposite. This evening I began the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Course, which I envisage will edify and illuminate my relationship with the natural world and the nourishment we cultivate from the wholesomeness there. I’m embracing the 2020 season with a tenacity, renewed from a season of rest.

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