Dear Farm Journal,
Last week was our last CSA pack out of the year. We went through the motions once again, filling the final box. As much as I have felt the farm folding inward around me over the course of late fall and early winter, this feels like the concluding closure, the determinate deadline. I feel a mingling entanglement of fulfillment and emptiness. I have completed my first full time season as a farmer. I’ve taken on a lifestyle I never would have imagined for myself, and I’m thankful to have taken the time to record my journey. Now, in the still solitude of winter, I will take time to reflect on all that has passed before me this year. I’m tucking the farm journal into the back of my mind until planting time returns with the longer lengths of sunbeams. I’m taking time to read, time to write other projects, journal other adventures of my mind, to branch out, discover and rediscover myself and my place on this planet.

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