Dear Farm Journal,

Today was an incredible day filled with my three favorite things, farming, beer, and local food! This morning we went to a class on fruit trees. We learned all about planting, pruning, and grafting apple trees. Rufus and I have been talking about adding more permaculture to Keewaydin, and this class was a great catalyst for moving forward. When we order our seeds next week, we want to also order some dwarf apple trees, quince trees, strawberries, and raspberries. I am excited to bring more diversity to the farm and grow our own fresh fruit. Next we went to Oso’s Brewery where we enjoyed several deliciously potent beers (Grandpa’s Got A Gun was my favorite at 13.5%) and took a brewery tour. Rufus and I have also talked about brewing our own beer since it is a staple here on the farm. We have all of the supplies. Now we just need to order some ingredients, and away we go. This is all part of our plan to become as self sustainable as possible. Finally, we attended a local food event where we sampled produce from a wide variety of local venders. They had everything from A2 yogurt smoothies to locally distilled whiskey. It was fun and energizing to be around folks who we connect with in one way or another through the local food movement.


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