Dear Farm Journal,

Spending time away from the farm really provides an opportune moment for reflection. Being in Stevens Point with Jessica and Troy (sister and brother in law) in their cozy home, with its soft bed, automatic heat, and close proximity to shopping and events feels like a strange luxury. Rufus and I relish in the steaming hot water and turbo pressure in the shower. I find myself surprised at the rapid flushing toilet and the warmer than usual night temperatures. At one point, I woke up to stoke the fire and quickly remembered that we don’t have to do that here. As we bantered about the differences of farm and city life, I realized that I have grown accustomed to the quirks and less than ideal functioning of our plumbing and heating systems. They become part of your life, and the squealing of the shower head seems to eventually be drowned out…or at least less annoying. When I’m happy and satisfied with my life experiences, the material environment does not matter so much. Yes, I want the basics covered, but some of those basics for me are love, kindness, laughter, and beautiful work.


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