Dear Farm Journal,

I had an incredible Valentine’s Day. It was certainly not what most girls would fancy, but for me, it was perfect. First, I had the pleasure of spending the entire day with the person I love. Now, most of my days are spent with Rufus, but today I reflect on how special that really is. So many couples spend most of their time apart, working at a job, taking care of kids, or busy with separate tasks. I have heard many women say that if they spent all day, every day with their husband or boyfriend they would get sick of them and quarreling would surely ensue. They enjoy their time apart. I have certainly felt that way about people in the past, but things are different with Rufus. He really is my best friend, and I know that sounds cliché and sappy, but it happens to be true. When we are apart, ideas, funny anecdotes, and wandering thoughts pop into my head that I wish I could share with him. When we are together, we banter back and forth, laugh at each other’s jokes and impressions, and talk about our future plans. It doesn’t take long for me to start missing him, but today we were together. We shared a beautiful morning. Rufus prepared a delicious breakfast and we stared out into the morning sunshine that warmed up the homestead. In the afternoon, we headed out to greenhouse 4 to finish putting plastic on the end walls. We marveled that we got the perfect day for greenhouse work. There was no wind and it was warm enough to work without gloves (which is crucial for putting up wiggle wire). We worked alongside each other, scaled up ladders, passed each other tools, and stretched out plastic as we listened to music. We took an afternoon break for salad, chili, and a super satisfying cup of coffee. We headed back out to work and finished the end walls just before the wind picked up and the sun set. Our mirth was only interrupted by an opossum hiding in the hay bales (who soon met his maker) and a scuffle between the dog and cat over a mouse (Gizmo frequently steals Carrot’s hard earned kills).   As we examined our new end walls and walked to the house, I thought about how our day was filled with love, and that love is building with someone…building relationship, home, business, family, and a future together, and I love building here with Rufus.


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