Dear Farm Journal,

A day in the woods with my favorite men and my dog is a day well spent. Today Rufus, Papa Rich, Gizmo and I headed to the woods to gather firewood. There is a big snowstorm coming and our wood supply was alarmingly low. As Gizmo is still recovering from our Stevens Point absence, he was extremely pumped to head out to the woods with us. It is common for him to jump and spin mid air in excitement, but today I think I actually witnessed him do a full 360 degree turn without letting his paws hit the ground. We headed down to the maple sugar bush and beyond to cut wood before the storm. Giz has become so loyally attached to me at this point that he is under foot more than I would like. I nearly step on him at least a handful of times each day. I have come to realize that the true loyalty of a dog cannot be challenged or trumped. This dog has attached himself to my hip and is at my every beck and call (whether I want him to be or not). I do not reward him with treats or baby him like many modern pets. He is just my loyal companion. As we dip into the evergreens to allow Rufus’s tractor and Rich’s truck to pass us by, Gizmo playfully jukes and weaves in and out of the pines. His playfulness makes me smile, laugh, and pause for a moment of gratefulness… to have such a loyal and fun loving friend.


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